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Mariachi Antiguo de Acatic & Lumen lab - Tecuexe band


Sound exploration project that merges the ancient music of Acatic with contemporary electronic music, intending to scout the peculiarities of the musical heritage and to highlight the cultural multiplicity of Los Altos de Jalisco. This project started during the Festival de las Artes de Jalisco (FESTA) in 2016, where both projects coexisted in an intensive three-day workshop that ended with a concert at the 'Consuelito Velázquez' Auditorium of the Casa de la Cultura Jalisciense.

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Balam Ronan - La escucha de lo cotidiano - La escucha que transforma - Acción 1

Balam Ronan

Balam Ronan made field recordings daily at 6 pm during a year, in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. In short, he recorded what was happening in the place where he was at that time every day. These phonographic registers of everyday life are a strong invitation to reflect about our listening habits; to activate our listening in fact, and to question our ways of communication and attention. Also, this part of the project is published with a length of six hours, expanding the possibilities of digital publishing and mp3.

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Tito Rivas - ¿Esos fueron petardos?

Israel Martinez

On November 20, 2014 was carried out one of the largest demonstrations in recent years in Mexico City, the second mass march to protest the forty-three young missing from Ayotzinapa's Normal school. Tito Rivas, well-known sound recordist, adept to the soundscape and listening theorist, was making this recording in moments of biggest tension.

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Félix Blume-Los gritos de México

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After several years strolling Mexico City in an exercise of deep listening and recording the soundscape, Félix Blume has synthesized in this work a huge collection of cries in the capital of this country, creating a kind of "aural mirror" of the sociopolitical context on these days

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Nada volverá a ser igual - Jalisco's hardcore-punk scene

Nada volvera a ser igual

After several year digitizing demos, rehearsals, concerts and some vinyl as well as compiling images, flyers and other memorabilia, we finally offer you the vastest document about Jalisco's hardcore-punk scene since its very beginning until mid nineties.

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In memoriam - Israel Martinez & Various Artists


In Memoriam is a work created specially for the exhibition Fragmented, held in June 2012 at The Tin Tabernacle, London. Based on his experience strolling throughout the eccentric cemetery Jardines del Humaya, located in Culiacan (Mexico), Martinez captures shocking messages that relatives and friends leave to their dead printed on canvas.

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Israel Martínez - Mareah (or the heart of darkness)


Three hours field recording in a rough sea. Martinez suggests to play this register as an audio installation, placing the speakers wherever we want, sharing the recording with whoever is around, including our neighbours. A homage to the great writer Joseph Conrad and, at the same time, a recording that challenges the limits and formats of listening and mp3 due to its length.

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Ulises Carrión / Israel Martínez - Tríos y boleros

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En junio de 1983, la estación de radio holandesa VPRO transmitió un programa del artista mexicano Ulises Carrión sobre Tríos y Boleros, explorando la radio como soporte artístico y estrategia cultural. En abril de 2015, Israel Martínez dio voz al guión de Carrión (publicado en el libro "Lilia Prado Superestrella y Otros Chismes") y recopiló las canciones que éste incluye, dando vida nuevamente al programa y creando un archivo consultable de éste. Durante algunos meses fue únicamente transmitido por radio y comentado en diferentes sesiones. Ahora puedes descargarlo y no olvides compartirlo con aquellos que no tienen acceso a Internet.

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Israel Martínez - No illusion

Israel Martinez

From November 2014 until January 2015, Israel Martínez exhibited the audiovisual work “No illusion” through Proyecto Vitrina at talcual gallery. There was a concert-performance with the participation of several musicians, poets and students whom have collaborated with him in the last years from different ways.

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Martes de Ruido - MAZ & LS

martes de ruido

Esta compilación es una memoria auditiva del ciclo de conciertos realizados en el marco de la exposición Tinnitus y Fosfenos, llevado a cabo en el Museo de Arte de Zapopan y Laboratorio Sensorial en los primeros meses de 2013, utilizando una estación de trabajo en vivo para varios artistas con una salida multi-canal.

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Armando Castro - Rancho Lur

Nada volvera a ser igual

The Rancho Lur has been a place to reflect on the ravages of rapacious capitalism in the metropolis, from there Armando Castro offers an improvisation session with acoustic guitar, shortwave radio and tape deck motor, plus a collective improvisation from the ranch barn, activating all kind of objects from the place. Includes photos by Nelly Carrillo and a text by Israel Martínez.

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