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Tecuexe band - The bruxo


Acousmatic ensemble with pre-hispanic instruments, old Mexican mariachi and avant-garde electronic, stories of Los Altos de Jalisco with contemporary resonance. Tecuexe Band is a powerful group which seeks to examine through diverse platforms the peculiarities of the musical heritage of Acatic and to highlight the cultural multiplicity of Mexico. Together the teacher and old Mexican music rescuer Javier López, the dislocated mind of Diego Martínez (Lumen lab) and the young musicians of the Mariachi Antiguo de Acatic generate timbres, atmospheres and rhythms that surround like the story by itself, a hitherto unknown Jalisco’s history.

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Ford Proco - Magnetic Reworks


Wito Lavolt and Robert Ford created Ford Proco in the eighties, a pioneering electronic music project originally from Tijuana. With a strong proposal full of industrial music, sonic experimentalism, sci-fi literature and shock culture. This EP is a co-production with At-At Records and Suplex, includes reworks by Braulio Lam and Jack's son.

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