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Fonogram - Songs & Sounds


After almost ten years traveling through different explorative territories of electronic music and introspective pop, with an appreciable aural creativity and diversity, Vicente García Landa, also known by his project One Second Bridge, presents this collection of b-sides, demos, alternate versions and remixes, both from Fonogram and for Fonogram, including Antiguo Autómata Mexicano, among other artists.

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Adán Madrigal - Memoria y recuerdo

adan madrigal

"In the best interpreted dreams, often it is overshadow a point to note that, during the performance, it appears a tight knot of thoughts of the dream that is impossible to unravel". Memoria y recuerdo is an interdisciplinary project of literary, visual and musical explorations (through the use of strings, piano, field recordings and computer), suggesting a nonlinear review of each of these elements, including the reproduction of the sound pieces that comprise it. Adán Madrigal is a young composer who has to be kept in mind; his processes and works require time, because he does not operate within the hyper-vibrant character, and therefore ephemeral, of nowadays.

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Mondragón - Glas


Through the mist and fantasy - and a very long road between them - Mondragón has consolidated a strong discography, plunging as few projects in an amalgam that combines influences from ambient, dream pop, techno and electronic indie. This new E.P. is not only the prelude to its first album, is an invitation to wander, suspend if possible, to be given to each "pore" of sonority; Mondragón knows how to do it and this is its proposal.

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No estamos solos - Various Artists

No estamos solos

Originally released in 2003, this compilation was the beginning of the label and collective Abolipop. Includes tracks from Super 8, Carrie, Satélite Saturno, Nebula 3, Miyagi, Lumen lab, Destreza, Transistor and Cardex. From click-techno to different sounds influenced by IDM, shoegaze and indietronic. A solid document of those times we strove for a post-everything attitude.

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